Quality dairy products from the heart of the Bekaa!


1.Where can we find Skaffarm products?

    Skaffarm products are available at the showroom in Zahle, throughout all of the Bekaa region, and few selling points around Beirut and Metn area.

2.Can we visit the farm and factory?

    Yes of course, our premises are open for visits. You can contact us beforehand to let us know.

3.If outside the Bekaa, how can we try the products?

    Our products can be ordered online and delivered right to your doorstep for you to try them.

4.Haw can we order?

    Either by contacting us via WhatsApp on +961 76 611 988 or directly on our website www.skaffarm.com

5.What is the method of payment?

    We currently accept only Cash on Delivery (CoD).

6.Is there a delivery fee?

    Yes, given that our products are delivered in a temperature-controlled vehicle from the Bekaa.

7.How much time does the order need to be delivered?

    We deliver once every week, between Thursday and Friday.

8.Where do you deliver?

    We currently cover Bekaa – Beirut – Keserwan Metn regions.

9.Will there always be new types of dairy products?

    We are always trying to innovate and keep growing our family of products.